We Help Coaches Communicate Their Value and Attract More Ideal Clients

FunnelPress provides digital marketing solutions for coaches who work with high-end clients.

Many experienced coaches find today’s marketing difficult.

It means learning a lot of new skills and it takes time away from their real work – serving clients.

Are you experiencing any challenges with the marketing your coaching services?

We specialise in helping coaches with their marketing and advertising.

The People You Are Meant to Work With

We believe that there are people who you are DESTINED to work with.

These people make you feel amazing. In turn you do your very best work and your business grows effortlessly.

Many coaches get their business through referrals or word of mouth but they can’t control when these referrals happen.

We help coaches connect with the people they are meant to work with.

We do this using automated digital marketing systems that help attract and convert people interested in working with you into happy and satisfied clients.

​We will help you attract, engage, educate and convert more people into clients, so that you can have a greater impact and increase your revenue.