Do You Have A Great Coaching Website?

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While a coaching website is considered vital for coaching businesses, is having a website alone enough?

Websites can help to attract, engage, convert and sell. However, a bad website can do the complete opposite.

In order for your site to be effective it needs to be a great website. A great website will attract attention, encourage exploration and may even lead to sales there and then, while a bad website may put off your prospects for good.

So, before you relax by thinking you’ve ticked all the boxes for your coaching website, it is time to check whether your website is great enough to do your business justice.

How To Tell If You Have A Great Coaching Website?

Want to see whether your website hits the mark, ask yourself these key questions;

Is Your Coaching Website Informative?

Your website will be the place people turn to so they can find out more. You should consider your website as doing the jobs of all the key frontline players in your organisation. It should be as welcoming as a receptionist, as helpful as a retail assistant and as enthusiastic and compelling as your salesperson.

It may seem like a tall order for your website to characterise every aspect of your business. However, with captivating content, you can give provide your visitors with the ideal overview. So how can you make sure your content is up to scratch? The answer is in optimisation.

Firstly, you need to pick the ideal keywords for your business. These will be the terms that have a high search rate but with the least amount of competition. These keywords should then be used across your website, in the content as well as tags.

Make sure your content is varied. Images, infographics, videos and text can all work succinctly to inform visitors about your business. Also, don’t forget to add a range of external links to backup your information and internal links to help with the flow for the user.

Do You Have A Great Coaching Website? FunnelPress Marketing

Is Your Coaching Website Engaging?

Having a well-designed coaching website may look good, but looks alone are not enough to encourage users to explore your site. You can check if your website is engaging by monitoring the average time visitors spend on your page using Google Analytics.

Keeping visitors engaged means that your content needs to be well-written and captivating while offer the reader value for their time. Secondly, you need to make sure your website is intuitive. Visitors will need to able to navigate to the information they are looking for with ease. If your website is not clear, visitors may wonder where to go next.

Ease of use and navigation is critical, especially when you consider around half of your users are likely to be accessing your site through a mobile device. Your website needs to be mobile responsive to ensure your content looks good on any screen size and navigation is simple.

Does Your Coaching Website Convert?

While your site is there to attract and engage, it also needs to convert too. Your coaching website should be working hard for your business to transform prospects into customers. Of course, not every visitor will purchase the first time that they land on your website. This means your website needs to offer multiple opportunities to filter visitors through the sales funnel, creating both leads and customers.

1. Mailing List

Once you have contact details for your visitors, you have a lead. Your website can help you to gather more leads by having an opt-in form for a mailing list. Your opt-in forms need to give customers a reason to share their details, such as receiving a free e-book or regular offer updates. Make sure your place opt-in forms strategically across your website. One opt-in form on your home page is not enough.

2. Calls To Action

For product pages, calls to action are essential. However, they also need to be dotted throughout your website, capturing as many opportunities as possible. Multiple calls to action are most effective to ensure you capitalise on as many prospects as possible.

3. Smooth Sales

Cart abandonment rates can be incredibly high, especially if your checkout process isn’t as easy as customers would like. Your checkout process is worth investing in to make it clear, simple and speedy.

Remember that conversions will only come if your nurture and engage your visitors, make sure you always offer visitors excellent service to build up trust, repeat visitors and eventually conversions.

Ready To Transform Your Coaching Website Into a Client Attraction Machine?

Transforming your website from average to ‘good’ can be done by following these three simple steps of informing, engaging and converting. However, to maintain a good website requires ongoing maintenance, tweaking and customer attention that will all help your site to work harder for your business.

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Do You Have A Great Coaching Website? FunnelPress Marketing


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