What Will It Take For You to Create Maximum Impact And Revenue With Your Business Without Becoming Overwhelmed And Frustrated?

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From The Desk of Kase Dean, Strategic Marketing Coach

More Clients, More Profits:
How to Create Your Signature System

Learn how to package your expertise in a branded process that grows your business and helps more people

Here's How...

First, let’s take a look at what I mean by a “signature system”…

Your signature system is your unique solution to your customers’ biggest needs, laid out in a clear, easy-to-understand formula.

Your system is something you become known for. 

It’s not just your brand. 

It forms the core of your business and, when people hear the name of your system, they think of you.   

Why Should You Create a Signature System?

Because you want to create maximum impact and revenue with your business 

…and a branded signature system will:

  • Give you the ability to serve more people… while working less
  • Help you create a simple structure and focus for their business
  • Make it easy to communicate exactly who they are and what you do
  • Get better results for your customers
  • Enable you to do what they love AND become known for it

Here's The Best Part... 

When you market your Signature System properly…

It will catapult your business from muddling along to generating 6 or 7 figures.

Unfortunately, most people never take the time to identify their proven processes, skills, experience…let alone package one into a profitable, signature program.

But with my course on how to create a signature system, you will help your be able to do both.

With my ‘Create Your Signature System’ course, you’ll walk through the critical steps for developing a branded process that you will become known for. 

In this course, I will show them how to identify and map out a solution that has already worked for a specific problem you or your clients have faced. 

Then, I’ll help you put together a signature program for teaching others how to implement your system for solving that specific problem.  

I’ll even show you how to repurpose your signature system in multiple formats that will allow you to continuously grow your business.

I will be helping you create a priceless asset that grows your brand, your credibility, your audience, and your income.

How to Get
More Clients & More Profits

12 Modules of 100% Action and Implementation


The course kicks off with a quick overview and explains exactly what you’ll will be able to do by the time you’re done.

Module 1: How Signature Systems Fuel Your Business

What is a signature system and how will having one bring major benefits to your business? 

In Module 1, you’ll discuss the benefits of having a signature system, so that your students can stand out in your market and achieve significant, long-term business growth. 

Module 2: Identify Your Signature Expertise

A signature system is based on your own expertise and the solution you devised for a challenge you faced. 

In Module 2, you’ll analyze how you currently achieve success in one aspect of your business (whether for yourself or for clients), so that you can turn this success into a system that will help others. 

Module 3: Design Your Signature System

You have a proven system, but you need to make it easy for others to implement. 

In Module 3, you’ll dig deeper and refine your process into an easy-to-follow, unique, step-by-step system that you can clearly explain, so that  people can follow it and get the results they want.

Module 4: Define Your System’s Unique Value Proposition

The unique value proposition of your signature system will differentiate you from the competition. 

In Module 4, you’ll identify the “deeper” benefits of each step in your system, so you can show potential customers that this is the system they need for solving their specific problem.

Module 5: Identify Your Target Market

Your ideal target customers are the people who will be the best fit for your signature system, because they will be able to fully benefit from implementing it. 

In Module 5, you’ll assess the suitability of your system for your current target market and how to explore additional markets for your new signature system.

Module 6: Craft an Enticing Title

Having a great system is one thing, but it needs to be marketed in a way that attracts buyers. The name of your system will be what people see first before they read any of the details. 

In Module 6, you’ll create a benefits-oriented, memorable title that communicates the value of your system. That name will become your core branding, so their signature system can become well-known in the marketplace.

Module 7: Package Up Your Signature System to Sell

Now that you have their signature system mapped out and named, you need to package it into a fully-fledged program to help your clients and customers implement it. 

In Module 7, you’ll design a program that packages up your system so that people can easily learn how to implement it and get the best results possible.

Module 8: Help Your Customers Implement Your System

People love signature systems because they are led by the hand through a proven process that’s easy to follow and remember. 

In Module 8, you’ll develop the program support materials that your customers will need to successfully implement the signature system, so that you can quickly get you program ready to sell.

Module 9: Determine Your Pricing Strategy

Before you dig deeper into marketing your signature program, you’ll need to decide on a price which will enable you to reach your financial goals. 

In Module 9, you’ll decide on a price for their main offer, so that it reflects the value of their signature program and enables you to meet their revenue goals.

Module 10: Plan Your Sales & Marketing Strategy

Your students have all the elements in place and they’re ready to share their signature system with all those who need it. Now they need to market it! 

In Module 10, you’ll learn sales and marketing strategies that you will use to attract clients to your signature program, so that your sales reach the level you want. 

Module 11: Expand for Multiple Income Streams

With signature systems the possibilities are endless: you can start with an initial version and then build your business from there. Each possibility will bring an opportunity to increase your income and enhance your reputation. 

In Module 11, you’ll create multiple streams of income that accelerate your business growth by developing different levels or versions of your signature system, so that you leverage it for maximum value. 

Module 12: Review and Refine

In this final module, you’ll discuss other things you can do to make your signature system and program more effective.  

You’ll know how to measure the success of your marketing, along with a plan for how to evolve your signature system and offer in the future.  

You’ll also consolidate and implement everything you have learned through planning further action steps, so that you achieve the goals set for this course and know how to develop them (and your business) further. 

Here's The Important Part...

This is program is NOT for everyone

Not in the slightest…

  • Some people need (and like) to be told what to do. Without a long list of action items, they feel lost and worthless.  
  • Some people also need a boss to hold them accountable. Whenever no one is looking, they completely lose all sense of direction – and purpose.  
  • Most importantly, many people absolutely depend on a steady paycheck, corporate health insurance and other benefits. For them, these are not just work benefits, they are a matter of life and death.

If you fall into one of those three categories, you can stop reading now. 

The rest of the information on this page doesn’t apply to you.    

But, Maybe You’re Different

Maybe you like deciding what you’ll do every day. 

Maybe you can hold yourself accountable.     

Maybe you can (temporarily) reduce your income in favor of building the life you want.  

Sure, a steady paycheck is nice, but it also comes with all the other baggage of having a job.     

And to you, it’s just not worth it.    

You’re looking for a way out. You keep trying the latest trends and tactics, hoping to strike gold.    

You keep trying but you have to admit that you just don’t know how to do it.


Here's What You’ll Receive, Experience and Achieve

 When you invest in More Clients, More Profits – Create Your Signature System you will get:

A life-changing, 12-week program with me, Kase Dean (your success mentor). You’ll discover insider secrets and actionable strategies that will have you implementing advanced online marketing and online business development into your business faster than you ever thought possible.

12 comprehensive, in-depth training modules to help you create a signature system that will create maximum impact and revenue for you and your customers.

Templates, checklists, scripts, as well as a comprehensive self-study course so you can immediately begin to package, position, and scale your signature system without having to spend hours trying to figure out all the steps to take.

Lifetime access to all the material inside the program plus complimentary updates so you’ll always have the most up-to-date information that will bring you results even if there are unforeseen industry trends and changes in the future

You’re going to need feedback and support as you move through the modules which is what you will receive with the ability to book up to 4 one-to-one coaching sessions per month with me, Kase Dean.  

12 one-to-one coaching sessions to accelerate your success!

*Only available with the Advanced version (see below)

 But, That’s Not All You Will Get…

Create Your Launch Funnel Training

You’re also going to get access to our flagship training program which will show you how to repeatedly sell your signature system, and build massive attention and excitement for your business – on autopilot!


Email Marketing Nurturing Campaign

A 5-part fill-in-the-blanks email marketing campaign to send to your signature system participants, which allow you to continue to provide value and build relationships, so you can make them customers for life.


Over $1000 Worth of Bonuses Included

What's Your Investment?

Choose the package that works best for you.

More Clients, More Profits:
Create Your Signature System

Just The Course

$ 497
  • 12 comprehensive, in-depth training modules
  • Templates, checklists, scripts, as well as a comprehensive self-study course
  • Lifetime access to all the material inside the program plus complimentary updates
  • Create Your Launch Funnel Training (Valued at $597)
  • A 5-part fill-in-the-blanks email marketing campaign (Valued at $750)

Course + 1:1 Coaching + DFY Launch Funnel

$ 2500
  • Done-For-You Launch Funnel (Valued at $1500)
  • 12 one-to-one coaching sessions to accelerate your success