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CoachingWebsites is for you if…

If you answer “yes” to any of the following statements then a CoachingWebsite is perfect for you

Your current website is not helping you get more coaching clients

You believe that your website should be working harder to make you more money

You're fed up with being a part-time web developer instead of a full-time coach

You want to build a list of email subscribers and monetise that list

You want to automate you marketing and wake up to an inbox of potential coaching clients

You are determined to make a bigger impact and help more people

Sign up for a CoachingWebsite today and transform your
online presence into a coaching client attraction engine!

CoachingWebsites are...

Mobile Friendly

Your CoachingWebsite is optimised to be viewed across all devices.  You will be missing out on a big chunk of traffic if your website is only optimized for desktop usage.  

Designed to Convert

Each page on your website needs to cater to a specific goal of your potential coaching client. Whether your she is looking for your contact details or more information on a product or service, your website needs to cater to that in the most effective way  

We will ensure that the copy on your website guides your potential coaching clients through a clear, concise story that encourages them to: Like, Understand, Trust, Test, Purchase, Repeat and Refer your coaching business.  

Your CoachingWebsite will use copy that is follows our proven “C.E.E.O. Framework”:  

We will use the right words and messaging to:  

  • Capture your potential client’s attention
  • Engage their attention
  • Educate them about why you are the best choice for their needs
  • Offer them a low risk offer

Managed and Maintained For You

Having a CoachingWebsite means that you will no longer have to worry about website hosting, website security, website backups or plugin updates. All of this will be taken care of you, so that you can concentrate on serving your clients and growing your business.

Built With a Focus on Email Marketing

Your CoachingWebsite will also be fully integrated with ActiveCampaign and you will be able benefit from website conversion tools for growing your email list.  

You will also benefit from conversion focused, non-salesy email marketing campaigns that will educate your clients and sell hem the services and products they need on autopilot.

Your Virtual Marketing & Sales Dream Team

Everything is designed and developed to help you spend more time on serving your clients, growing your business and enjoying the fruits of your labour.  

Let us geek out on the tech and software and you do what you do best.  

Get a CoachingWebsite and leave the tech to us.

OK, But...

Why CoachingWebsites ?

Back in The Day, We Made These 4 Major Online Marketing Mistakes and We Know Exactly How to Help You Avoid Them:

Our Solution: 

CoachingWebsites are designed from the “get-go” to put your unique value proposition front and centre.  

Our goal is to build you a website that sets you apart from your competitors.  

Your CoachingWebsite will expertly communicate the value that YOU bring to your coaching clients’ lives.  

We will help you explain to your potential clients exactly what you offer, the key benefits of your service and products.  

It will be apparent and obvious why you are the best option for their needs.

Our Solution: 

Your CoachingWebsite will be launched with an irresistible lead magnet that will hook in new clients and growing your email list.  

We will help you create a lead magnet that will address your potential client’s immediate pain.  

It will be an eBook, checklist, or even a starter kit; and it will be so essential to your potential client’s current situation that they will not hesitate to enter their email address in order to gain access to your valuable lead magnet.  

Your lead magnet will have these 5 key ingredients:  

A compelling headline

A strong sub-headline

Benefit-driven copy

A high-quality image of your offer

A value-driven call to action button  

Like we said, CoachingWebsites have been specifically designed to you get more ideal clients, grow your email list and increase your revenue!

Our Solution: 

We know all to well that 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy and often when visitors sign up for your lead magnet or opt in to your newsletter, they aren’t ready to buy.  

People buy from those they know, like and trust.  

This is where email nurturing comes in. It can really help bolster your sales – by igniting relationships with clients and leads.  

Put simply, email nurturing is sending clients regular emails packed with valuable information and education that help your potential clients improve their lives until they are ready to supercharge their results – and request your help.  

CoachingWebsites use email nurturing to get your potential clients interested in your services and products until they are ready to buy from you.

Our Solution: 

CoachingWebsites include an airtight sales funnel strategy that will bring you MORE quality leads than you could ever imagine.  

Our sales funnels are designed to guide visitors to your website towards working with you and buying from you.  

They include the three essential step: a lead magnet, a conversion tool, and email nurturing:  

1 – We get potential clients to a predefined landing page, where they opt in for your free lead magnet

2 – We attempt to ‘upsell’ your new subscriber with a free or paid conversion tool.

3 – Regardless of whether they go for your “upsell”, your CoachingWebsite will nurture them in an email nurturing sequence if they aren’t ready to buy from you just yet. 

With CoachingWebsites you get a lead-generating, conversion-first sales funnel that’s 100% tailored to your target audience without resorting to waiting for referrals or handing out flyers to random people at a Starbucks.

Got IT, But...

What's The Investment ?

We believe that your coaching business website should provide you with a solid, continuous return on investment that helps you increase your revenue, profits and impact.

We have designed an accessible affordable investment plan that will allow you to benefit from the following:

High Quality Website Visitors

Your CoachingWebsite will help you find and attract the right website traffic.  

More Qualified Coaching Leads

Your CoachingWebsite will help you convert that traffic into qualified coaching leads, and build you an insightful database filled with potential clients. 

Improved Lead to Client Conversion Rate

Your CoachingWebsite will help you transform more leads into profitable, happy clients and customers, because your automated and integrated email marketing system will know exactly what they want and how to convince them to buy from you and work with you.  

Limited Time Launch Pricing

We believe that your coaching business website should provide you with a solid, continuous return on investment that helps you increase your revenue, profits and impact.

We have designed an accessible affordable investment plan that will allow you to benefit from the following:


$1000 setup fee then $500/month
$ 899 then $250/month for 12 months
  • Professional CoachingWebsite
  • Automated Marketing Funnel
  • CRM & Email Marketing System
  • Securely Hosted on Our Servers
  • Daily Site Backups
  • Delivered in 21 Days Flat


$3960 one time payment
$ 3000 one time payment
  • Professional CoachingWebsite
  • Automated Marketing Funnel
  • CRM & Email Marketing System
  • Securely Hosted on Our Servers
  • Daily Site Backups
  • Delivered in 21 Days Flat

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked.

But, That's Not All...

When you sign up for your new CoachingWebsite today, you will also get the following limited time bonuses completely FREE!

CoachingWebsites™ FunnelPress Marketing

Done-For-You ActiveCampaign capture and nurture marketing campaign

An automated system for collecting leads from your CoachingWebsite and converting more visitors into subscribers, clients and customers. ($1500 Value)

High-Quality Video Tutorials

Over 85 video tutorials that cover every aspect of using your CoachingWebsite. ($50/month value)

Monthly Coaching Sessions

2 x 60 minute session per month to help you expand the number of digital services and products your coaching business makes money from.($594/month value)

Premium Grade Website Management & Maintenance

Fast and secure hosting with, WordPress updates, Plugin updates, Safety Security Layer (SSL) protection.($99/month value)

Website Content Creation

Up to 5 pages of 350 words each included for the Home Page, About Us Page, Contact Us Page, plus two pages of your choice.($750 value)


100% FREE

Frequently Asked Questions

Our basic web development is completed within three weeks. This assumes that all the requirements are provided immediately and that you are able to provide revisions and QA quickly.

The service covers the website build and the site’s launch as well as 20 days of support after launch.  Name registry, hosting, and server costs are exclusive of this service. However, we would be more than happy to suggest a few hosting providers that provide great products and quality customer support.

Note: During our launch promotion we are bundling a year’s worth of hosting, website management and maintenance – 100% free.


We use WordPress along with premium WordPress themes. Our themes are built with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP. All our themes also use Page Builders which allow our clients to easily build pages, with unlimited layouts, through a drag and drop user interface, without the need for coding knowledge.

Our white label Web Development services is built on the WordPress content management system (CMS) because:

  1. It is the most flexible and easiest to use open-source content management system, with worldwide community support.
  2. It has themes with responsive web design provide optimal user experience across devices so that users navigate the website with minimal re-sizing and scrolling.
  3. It uses page builders that: provide a drag and drop interface; allow easy creation of responsive column-based content; and, have more than five (5) pre-designed widgets, e.g. Galleries, Testimonial, Blog Feed and many more
  4. WordPress powers 30% of all websites (2018).
  1. There are two revision points for you. First is after the first week of development where we have already created a live site of your website based on the mockups and specifications you selected. Last is after the second week of development where we present the site itself for any last-minute revisions.
  2. Please note that any revisions on the last round would have to be minimal and not amount anymore to design changes or work that would take more than half a day to execute.

No. We only provide access during the first touch point and at the last revision before we upload to your hosting. Our developers work with the site directly and we want to ensure that we would not encounter any issues in developing your site related to multiple access during development.

Yes! Your CoachingWebsite will be built on WordPress and will include an amazing Visual Builder that allows you to click and drag to easily add or edit elements to your page.

Also, during our launch promotion we will be giving you 85+ professional tutorial videos to help you manage your website.

Want to talk it over before signing up?
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