17 Things Great Marketing Consultants Do

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A great marketing consultant will help you:

  1. Become laser-focused about how to make your business stand out from the crowd

  2. Innovate your business and develop a market-dominating position

  3. Discover your prospect’s hot buttons using surveys

  4. Use your prospects hot buttons effectively in all your marketing and advertising

  5. Educate your prospects on why you are the best solution for their needs

  6. Write sales scripts, web copy and help you overcome sales objections

  7. Uncover and define your Purpose Driven Goals as well as your Outcome Based Goals

  8. Systematise your sales process

  9. Understand the “Buyer’s Journey”

  10. Understand the difference between tactical and strategic marketing

  11. Craft compelling lead nurturing drip campaigns

  12. Understand the difference between a website, landing page and squeeze page

  13. Write an effective, integrated marketing plan that includes specific targets, timelines and tasks and milestones

  14. Develop valuable “low risk” offers that help your prospects take the next step in your sales process

  15. Avoid using platitudes and focus your efforts on informing your prospects about the benefits and value of doing business with you

  16. Use emotion based persuasive marketing to attract your prospects and logic to sell to them

  17. Understand the 7 fundamental reasons behind why we buy


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Kase Dean

Kase Dean

I help businesses use Marketing Funnels to improve their reach, build their brand, bridge offline and online, inform and educate their clients and audience, increase their sales and ultimately increase their impact in the world.

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