5 Reasons Why You Should Start Building a Targeted Email List

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An email list is a guarantee that you’ll reach your customers

Too many business owners go into their marketing efforts blind. They’re not really sure if they’re reaching and connecting with their customers. An email list will take out that uncertainty, giving you the guarantee that you’re reaching your customers. This is because you know you’re getting into their Inbox!

An email list lets you deliver value to your customers!

You get a lot of value from your customers. But they need to get value from you, too. And email lists are the way to do it! Send your customers emails with a coupon inside, an invite to an exclusive sale for subscribers, or give them a free e-book.

An email list keeps your business at the top of customers’ minds

An overwhelming majority of people aren’t ready to buy when they visit a business’ website. And once they leave, it doesn’t take long for them to forget what they’ve seen. Have a good email list though, send them an email, and it will keep your business top of mind.

Email lists take a small investment

Email marketing is one of the most inexpensive forms of marketing you can utilise. Not only that, it has one of the highest returns on investment with about $44 for every dollar spent. Few marketing methods can boast that.

Email lists let you stand out in all the noise

Customers are bombarded with advertisements all the time. After a while, it all just starts to sound like noise. And while you may be part of it, sending them a separate email can help you stand out from all that noise. So, they’ll remember you, and use your business.


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Kase Dean

Kase Dean

I help businesses use Marketing Funnels to improve their reach, build their brand, bridge offline and online, inform and educate their clients and audience, increase their sales and ultimately increase their impact in the world.

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