How To Master Local Facebook Marketing For Your Coaching Business – 8 Expert Tips

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Whether you are struggling with your marketing strategy or winning, there is always room for improvement. One of the ways that you can take your marketing to the next level is by mastering local Facebook marketing.

Why, you ask?

Well, Facebook is big. Whether you want to increase exposure, lead generation or more web traffic, Facebook can help. After all, Facebook has;

Not bad, right? While your business may be active on Facebook, is Facebook working for you? Facebook is always changing, algorithms are regularly updated, and this means that it can be harder to reach, engage and connect with your target audience.

However, with these eight expert tips, you can master local Facebook marketing, making the platform work harder for your business.

Here are our favorite eight ideas that you can implement with your local Facebook marketing strategy right now.

Eight Expert Ways To Master Local Facebook Marketing

1. Like Local

As a local business, you should be proud of your local area. Liking and supporting your local area is also a great way to connect with your customers. Furthermore, sharing content that is of local interest is a great way to engage with your followers at a local level.

Keep your eye out for any local stories which you can share with your following, whether its positive stories in the local news, an upcoming local event or even highlighting the work of another local business, as long as it isn’t a competitor.

By engaging and celebrating other local businesses, you have a higher chance that they will return the favour which can increase your following and enable you to connect with others.

2. Engaging Events

Facebook is a great tool to promote events of all types, whether you are having a performance, sale, promotion or special guest. It will not only engage your existing customers, but it will also interest followers and may attract new ones. Especially if people or businesses share your event with their network.

Fortunately, setting up a Facebook event is simple;

  1. Decide on an event that will achieve your objective
  2. Click on the Events tab on Facebook and create your event
  3. Fill in as many details as possible – keywords, timings, location, categories and helpful advice
  4. Add Google Map images and directions
  5. Link to a ticketing site if required
  6. Share the event and ask others to do so too. You can even pay to advertise the event to help boost attendance.

3. Riveting Reviews

Reviews are vital for businesses. 97% of people will look online for local businesses. Furthermore, 85% of people will trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Reviews build trust and trust is what your customers need before they make a purchase with you.

Facebook reviews not only help to turn followers into customers but they can also help to increase your profile presence and therefore the power of your business. They will not only encourage customers but also attract new prospects.

Without the hard sell, it is important to encourage customers to leave a Facebook review for you. You can do this with a follow-up email after purchase, a printed message on your receipt or make it a part of your parting pleasantry.

It is important to mention that written reviews are more valuable and effective than simple star ratings, so it may be wise to ask a question that customers can answer in their review such as;

  • How did we help you?
  • What’s the biggest benefit of our service to you?
  • What do you like the most about our business?
  • What changes have you experienced since the purchase?

4. Inside Info

Customers like to know what you’re up to, especially if it’s in the local area. Fortunately, Facebook makes it easy to share your location and what you are doing by checking in.

This should be used with caution. Your customers will not be interested in every coffee run you make at Starbucks. However, they will be interested if you are taking part in a community event, at a trade show or sponsoring a local activity.

Tagging events, locations and other local businesses is a great way to keep your audience up to date with insider info as well as building more connection and expanding your network.

5. Great Groups

With Facebook, you can create groups for your followers. This helps to segment your audience so you can really engage with specific groups of people and build communities based on their interest. This is especially useful for businesses that offer a range of services as you can start focusing your conversations with those who are interested in specific topics.

Creating groups allows the users to connect with each other, ask questions about your product and service as well as suggesting improvements and ideas which can contribute to you delivering an even better service. Groups aren’t just useful for customers; they can give your business the insight you need for growth.

6. Captivating Contests

Nothing gets an audience involved as much as a competition does. Everyone loves the opportunity to win. This is why running a contest on Facebook is a great way to attract new followers and build buzz and excitement around your brand.

Facebook has some strict guidelines for contests run on the site. It is essential to read and understand all aspects fully before launching a contest. Some of the rules include;

  • Not requiring followers to like or share posts
  • Having a definite start and end date
  • Defined rules.

Of course, to generate the right buzz, your competition should be relevant as well as have appealing prizes to ensure maximum engagement.

7. Tempt Traffic

Regardless of your marketing strategy being primarily focused on the digital, your local Facebook marketing strategy still needs to entice people to visit in-person. Facebook can be a great way to tempt foot traffic to your business. Enticing customers with great reasons to visit in-store will help to drive sales and revenue.

There are several ways you can use your local Facebook marketing strategy to tempt foot traffic such as;

  • Hosting an event
  • Creating joint promotions with other nearby businesses
  • Using contests for those who make a purchase within a specific time-frame
  • Supporting local charities and good causes.

8. Feature Facebook

Facebook is a great way to tempt people to visit in-store, but it can also lure people in-store to visit your Facebook page too. Checking in to your shop or tagging your business in photos taken in-store can be a great way to expand your network and increase your exposure.

Setting up a photo area can be an excellent way of increasing photos, shares, likes and tagging. This can also give your products a high level of exposure too. You can even tempt customers to tag you through incentives such as using a discount on their purchase when they mention and tag you on Facebook.

Despite being global, Facebook can be a great way to increase your local exposure and tempt more people to visit your business. By following these expert tips, you can make Facebook work harder for you to increase visibility, sales and positive engagement.

How To Master Local Facebook Marketing For Your Coaching Business – 8 Expert Tips FunnelPress Marketing


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