Are You Marketing and Advertising Your Business But Struggling to Get More Sales?

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We Specialise in
Value-First Profit Generation

Your Potential Clients Want to Feel Confident That Their Money Has Been Well-Spent

Your potential clients prefer to avoid buyer’s remorse.

All they really want is to make an informed decision.

They want to get the best deal.

NOT just the regarding price, but the best in terms of overall value for money.

Businesses that fail to provide value first by helping their audience and communicate with their audience (about their problems and needs) are destined to fail.

Your website must be aligned to the needs of your prospective customers as they move through their buyer’s journey:

  • Awareness: Your potential clients are just learning about your brand and products
  • Consideration: people know about your business and are trying to decide whether they want to purchase from you or a competitor.
  • Conversion: you get a potential client to take an action e.g. a purchase

A standard, static info packed website will take care of one or two of those stages, but a dynamic marketing funnel will meet the needs of all three of these stages.

More Clients and Profits
For Your Business

We Specialise in Five Distinct Automated Marketing Systems That Generate More Clients and Profits For Your Business Than a Basic Website

We totally understand that you probably have no clear idea about what a automated marketing is and especially what your options are.

But you do know and understand your needs and problems better than anyone, and you know that you need more interest, more leads and more clients – because that equals more revenue and profits.

So, instead of a technical overview of how automated marketing will transform your business, let’s focus on five distinct results you want and the related solution for each of them.

The Five Distinct Results You Want

Home FunnelPress Marketing
Increase the number of people demonstrating an active interest in your services and products
Home FunnelPress Marketing
Consistently sell your services and products, and build massive attention for your business
Home FunnelPress Marketing
Increase Sales by converting leads and customers into new sales and on autopilot
Home FunnelPress Marketing
Transform your live events into evergreen marketing and sales systems
Home FunnelPress Marketing
Convert free traffic into email subscribers and potential customers on autopilot

FunnelPress Services

More Profits, More Clients Coaching Program

We will show you how to create a Signature System that packages your expertise in a branded process that grows your business and helps more people.

Lead Generation Website Design Service

We build and manage conversion-focused websites that repeatedly sell your products and services, and build massive excitement for your business – on autopilot!

Social Media Marketing Management

Let us take care of your Your Tailored Social Media Strategy.  Our Social Media Management Package provides a tailored Social Media strategy which includes creation and boosting of compelling social media posts.

Need Some Quick Advice?

Do you need some quick business development or marketing advice?

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E-books, checklists, worksheets, workbooks, scripts, templates, how-to-guides…our free resource centre is our way to provide you with value BEFORE we dare ask you for a single penny of your hard-earned money.

Client Testimonial

Kase focuses first on understanding his clients’ desires and hurdles before highlighting issues to solve and the next step to make. I recommend Kase to people who are ready for an upgrade, to put on the work, to challenge their habits/perception and who are looking for a deeply involved advisor

Laëtitia Kafunda

Meet Our Founder

Hi, I’m Kase Dean,

I work with experienced professionals who want to build online businesses that generate consistent recurring revenue.

I do this by showing them how to create a Signature System that packages their expertise in a branded process that grows their business and helps more people.

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Let The FunnelPress Marketing Team Help You Create a Signature System That Helps More People and Generates More Revenue For Your Business