Would Any of The Following Be Useful For Your Business?

High Quality Website Visitors

What if we could help you find the right traffic, and consistently bring more high-quality website visitors to your website, would this help you grow your business?

More High-Quality Leads

How about if we could help you convert that traffic into high-quality leads, and build you an insightful email subscribers database, do you think that would add more financial value to your business?

Improved Lead to Client Conversion Rate

And, if we helped you transform more leads into profitable, happy clients and customers, because we knew exactly what they wanted and how to convince them to buy from you and work with you, would you want a system like that implemented in your business?

Compelling Messaging and Marketing Plans

Finally…if we helped you create solid messaging and marketing plans that would not only make your website more profitable, but help you gain clarity about your business growth goals, would you be interested in having that created for you?

More Leads, More Clients and More Profits

We believe that the knowledge and expertise you have about your business and the knowledge and expertise we have about Digital Marketing & Sales will equal more clients, more revenue and more profits for your business.

However, to be able to provide you with an effective and lucrative solution, we need to fully understand your business needs and objectives.

Your Digital Marketing Roadmap

Business Growth Insights

We Have a Proven Process For Providing The Insights Your Business Needs to Grow

Our process will help you obtain more insight into the most effective and lucrative ways to use Digital Marketing to grow your business faster than you thought possible.

We do this using a series of sessions called the Digital Marketing Roadmap that will allow us to gain this understanding.

Together we will identify the real problems that your business has and I will propose a set of solutions and a plan for their implementation.

This process will include 5 meetings, a total of approximately 5 hours. The result of this process will be that we will understand exactly what we should do with your digital marketing and why.

What is Digital Marketing Roadmapping?

Defining Your Marketing Needs

Digital Marketing Roadmapping is a series of sessions, where we map out the specific scope of your digital marketing needs.

The entire purpose of Roadmapping is to make sure that your digital marketing strategy will serve the goals of your business e.g. increasing revenue or creating processes that save you time.

We will ensure that your entire investment in your final marketing and sales strategy will provide you with a long-term return on investment.

These consulting sessions will provide us with a comprehensive framework and roadmap that ensures the eventual digital marketing and sales strategy meets your business goals and objectives.

Your Digital Marketing Roadmap Has Four Components

Online Business Profit Plan

We will discover your most profitable customer, define all the messaging you need and expertly explain to your target market the big problem that you solve for them.

We will do the market research, refine your messaging and optimise your branding so that we find and attract high quality, interested prospects to your business.

Rapid Content and Product Development

We will create interesting and methods to attract and drive website visitors to your website.

We will choose the most suitable conversion tactics to ensure that you sign-up more email subscribers.

We will create products that your clients want to buy and design all the design all the automated email communication you need for follow-up marketing campaigns.

The A.R.G. System

This is an eight-step system for generating revenue with your website.

This system will help people learn about your value, trust your expertise and understand why you are the best choice for their needs.

The ARG (Automated Revenue Generation) system is in complete alignment with the eight steps your prospect experiences on their journey to becoming your customer.

These eights steps are: Find, Like, Understand, Trust, Test, Purchase, Repeat and Refer.

Business Growth Plan

We will generate a very powerful business plan for your continued success for years to come.

Instead of a complex, long-winded strategic planning document, we will help you answer four core questions and the answers will give you a series of short, medium and long-term objectives to achieve the results that you want.

The Benefits of Having a Digital Marketing Roadmap

Your Strategy Blueprint

When we’re done, we will have created Your Digital Marketing Roadmap that will map out all the goals of your business development project, and a plan for achieving them.

This will be your Strategy Planning document complete with details of investment needed for execution, as well as a clear idea of your return on investment.

This comprehensive document will detail the work we will complete together to build a clear plan for marketing and selling your products and services.

It is a lot like hiring an architect to draw up the plans for your dream home.

Once you have those plans and estimates, you can make a better decision on how and when to execute the project.

At the end of these sessions, you own the plans.

The FunnelPress team can then execute the plan for you, you can hire someone else to do it, or you can decide it’s not a worthwhile investment to move forward.

The goal of the Your Digital Marketing Roadmap sessions is to help bring clarity to your final decision.