Create a Lead Generation Website

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Your lead generation website will be the most important tool you have at your fingertips for turning prospects into customers.

As you’ll see later in this guide, there are many ways you can get more visitors to your lead generation website, but if you don’t convert these visitors to leads, all the work you’ve done to get that traffic to your site is pointless.

So, before you worry about traffic, you have to have a dynamite lead generation website that will actually convert that traffic into leads for your business.

Consider what your website currently looks like: as a coach, it probably provides very basic contact information, a few sections on the services or products you offer, and a little bit about how your business got started.

Those are all great things to have on a website and every website should have them.

But, those alone will not generate leads and while customers may be able to learn more about your company with this type of site.

These generic pages will not help you stand out in the crowd and it won’t get your coaching business more leads.

Create a Lead Generation Website FunnelPress Marketing

A Successful Lead Generation Website

In order to do that, you need to make sure your website has a couple things that will encourage lead generation. Firstly, there are two types of lead generation pages or websites you can use: those that offer a free guide (like this one) or checklist, or those that offer a coupon.

In each of these cases, you’re offering potential customers something that’s of value to them that they will gladly hand over their contact information (essentially giving you a lead) in exchange for the free offer.

But, before we get into those free offers, there are first a couple of things every single lead generation website needs to have.

These include forms, form scraping tools that will take the information from that form and automatically move it to your database of contacts, calls to action, and popup forms.

Create a Lead Generation Website FunnelPress Marketing

Lead Generation Forms

Forms really are the backbone of all lead generation websites and pages.

Without a form, you have no way of getting a potential customer’s contact information, which will only result in them visiting your website, reading what you’re about, and then leaving.

This might even be what they’re currently doing.

Even more importantly, a lead generation form allows customers to opt in, which is so extremely important for lead generation. When people opt in, they willingly hand over their information and they actively show an interest in your business.

They won’t mind that you contact them at a later time because they’ve already given you the permission you need to do so*.

These forms can and should be placed on your landing page so that when visitors get to that page from your various online marketing strategies, it’s one of the first things they see.

And so that filling them out is one of the first things they do.

Create a Lead Generation Website FunnelPress Marketing

Give Potential Customers Something of Value

Again, in order to get this information, you have to give potential customers something of value.

We’ll get into this more in the below sections when looking at the reports, checklists, and coupons, but first get your forms ready and you’re off to a great start.

Most forms are very short, asking for just the visitor’s name, phone number and email address.

These forms can work very effectively, as most people don’t want to spend a great deal of time on filling out a form – even when they are getting something of value.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t include longer forms on your landing page.

In fact, longer forms can work very well to generate higher quality leads than a simple short form. This can work very well for some businesses.

*From 25th May 2018, you will have make consent an intuitive part of the signup process.

Create a Lead Generation Website FunnelPress Marketing


Yes, pop-ups have become to be known as a somewhat annoying element of the web, but business owners can use them to their advantage when they enter into it with a good strategy.

Pop-ups can work to welcome leads your lead generation website and in fact, a form can even be embedded into them.

They can also be used to thank a person for visiting your lead generation website just as they’re about to leave, or if they abandon a shopping cart.

If they’re about to leave your website, you can also include a pop-up with a call to action to ask them if they would like to call or email for more information.

It’s important to not overcrowd your website with pop-ups, and certainly don’t have them on every page, as they will become annoying to potential leads.

But use them right, and you’ll reap their lead generation benefits.

Create a Lead Generation Website FunnelPress Marketing

Calls to Action

Every lead generation website needs to have at least one call to action.

A call to action is when you tell the lead what you want them to do next, so you have to sort that out before actually creating your call to action.

Do you want them to email you? Do you want them to call you?

While these two have similarities, there are also some very real differences. The one you choose will depend on what type of interaction you want to have with the lead.

Calls to action (a CTA) that are either an email button or a call button can both be placed on your website, and both of them will also allow the lead to contact you directly.

When they contact you, both of these types of CTAs will help you learn more about the lead and build them into a new customer.

But they are different, and customers will respond to them differently – as will you.

Email Calls to Action

Calls to action that ask the lead to email your business can be very effective and will take very little time away from you and your business.

After all, when an email arrives in your Inbox, you can view and reply to it whenever it is convenient for you.

Of course, you don’t want to lose the lead’s interest and so you should respond to it within 24 hours, but at what point during that 24 hours is completely up to you.

This less invasive call to action can also be seen as beneficial to a lead. No one wants to be sold to all the time, and when some leads see that they’ll have to call you, they may become intimated and less sure that they want to take the action after all.

But email calls to action also have their difficulties.

Most customers and leads find businesses on their smartphones today and while they’ve become very user-friendly, it’s still much more cumbersome and awkward to type out an email message on them than it is on a desktop or laptop.

This can be especially useful for coaching businesses to keep in mind, as the leads that might be looking for them might be right outside the door on their smartphone; and a simple phone call could work more effectively than sending an email in this instance.

But calls to action that ask a lead to call them directly can also be more effective for another reason.

While you may have to take a quick moment from running your business the second the lead calls and is ready to speak to you, this also gives you a chance to actually talk to your lead.

Create a Lead Generation Website FunnelPress Marketing

Building Important Client Relationships

During this conversation you can expand on the information they’ve found on your website and you’ll be able to start building that relationship that’s the backbone of all business/customer interactions.

When you have a lead on the phone, they’ll begin to trust you more than the competition, and it gives you your first opportunity to actually sell to them.

That’s something that an email waiting in your Inbox simply can’t deliver.

Truthfully, most businesses will want to use a combination of both email and direct calls in their call to actions.

And the best lead generation websites have multiple calls to action throughout the site so you can switch it up, perhaps asking them to email on the landing page but then on the contact page encouraging them to call you on the phone.

Either way, both should be clickable buttons so that leads won’t have to write down a phone number or an email address when they’re already on a mobile device.

It’s much easier for them to simply click on a clickable button that will automatically perform the action they want to take, and that you want them to take.

Switching up your calls to action with different actions will also help you see which one is working better for your business.

You may find that customers just aren’t calling you but that you’re getting several emails, or you might find that leads coming through to your Inbox aren’t actually converting into a new customer, so you may choose to go with direct calls alone.

Create a Lead Generation Website FunnelPress Marketing


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