Attracting and Converting Website Visitors Into Ideal Coaching Clients

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This is an excerpt from our free guide called 5 Distinct Ways Automated Marketing and Sales Will Generate More High-End Clients and Revenue Your Business by FunnelPress founder Kase Dean.

Stop Treating Your Website Like Magic Beans

There is a very high chance that your website is one of the 80% of websites that fail to provide a positive ROI, which means they fail to generate an clients or revenue for the website owner.
Business owners are still treating websites like a handful of magic beans: throw a website online, fill it with some content, images and blog as much as you can, and your website will lead you to the golden egg of success.

“…Your business needs an online home. It needs a website….” – said by almost every web designer and marketer

I agree 100%.

Your business does need an online home but what it doesn’t need is a static, brochure website that is completely misaligned with the way that people buy.

Stop Ignoring “Not Right Now” Buyers

Most business websites are designed to appeal to a specific type of prospective client (website visitor) called “Right Now Buyers”.  These are people who are ready,wallet in hand to buy whatever you are selling.

This is a major problem because less than 2% of all your website visitors (viable prospects) are “Right Now Buyers”.

Business websites designed to appeal to “Right Now Buyers” have a single focus, which is a sale…right now.

These websites offer website visitors a free consultation, a discount, a coupon, a free assessment, a complimentary quote… or the most ineffective offer of all… CALL US TODAY!

All of these offers are asking for a commitment.  All of these offers are focused on “The Sale”.  All these offers are only compelling to less than 2% of your website visitors.

The Other 97% of Viable Prospects

Well, they are “investigating” and gathering information to determine who is offering the best value…and contrary to your current understanding, value is nothing to do with the price, cost or investment related to your offer.

The only reason that buyers focus on price over everything else is that most businesses don’t give them anything else to consider except price.

Because most business owners find it super difficult to make their businesses unique and create a market-dominating position, there offers and website end up looking like all the other websites in their industry.

Value-First Profit Generation

We all want to feel confident that our money has been well-spent.  We prefer to avoid buyer’s remorse and make an informed decision.

We want to get the best deal. NOT just the regarding price, but the best in terms of overall value for money.

Businesses that fail to provide value first by helping their audience and communicate with their audience (about their problems and needs) are destined to fail.

Your website must be aligned to the needs of your prospective customers as they move through their buyer’s journey:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Evaluation

A standard, static info packed website will take care of one or two of those stages but a dynamic marketing funnel will meet the needs of all three of these stages.

Let’s look at the five distinct ways marketing funnels will generate more interest, leads and sales for your business than a stand-alone website.

To continue reading, download your copy of 5 Distinct Ways Automated Marketing and Sales Will Attract More Ideal Clients and Generate Revenue Your Business

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Kase Dean

Kase Dean

I help businesses use Marketing Funnels to improve their reach, build their brand, bridge offline and online, inform and educate their clients and audience, increase their sales and ultimately increase their impact in the world.

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