Making a Deeper Connection with Your Potential Coaching Clients [Part 1 of 7]

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This is the first of 7 articles about building a simple automated marketing system for attracting more coaching clients

Define The Ultimate Solution You Provide to Your Coaching Clients

Start by defining the benefits and results that your Ultimate Solution provides to your clients.

Your Ultimate Solution sits at the top of your Value Ladder. Think of it as the service you would provide if your client had an unlimited budget and insisted on your help.

If we don’t know the Ultimate Solution that we are leading your coaching clients towards, it will be very difficult to build and grow a lucrative business coaching email list.

Outlining the Results and Benefits

At this step in the process, we are concentrating on outlining the results and benefits that your coaching clients will receive if they decide to become one of your email list subscribers.

We are going to start at the end of your Value Ladder (your ultimate solution) and working our way back to the beginning of your Value Ladder (your free content), exploring and defining the value stages that people will pass through when they decide to work with you.

As a business coach, who helps business owners build profitable businesses, the benefits that your coaching clients experience are Financial, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical.

These are examples of the deeper benefits that your coaching clients get from an Ultimate Solution:

  • They increase their financial security (Financial)
  • Their work has a transformational effect on other (Spiritual)
  • They feel a sense of pride in their work (Emotional)
  • They are healthier due to a reduction in stress (Physical)

Getting Them on The First Rung of Your Value Ladder

Your Ultimate Solution will probably require an investment of hundreds or thousands and expecting someone you have just met to commit to that kind of engagement is a big ask.

So, we will use free content to get them on the first rung of your Value Ladder. This free content will also get them results, prove your expertise and build their trust.

This is what I like to call “Value-First Profit Generation” (for you and your clients).

To create this free content, we will need to “put our heads together” and think of the different words and phrases that will help us connect with your potential clients.

We agree that your services and products will help them solve their needs and desires, but we still need to use certain messaging to persuade them that you are the best option for them.

Demonstrate Your Expertise and Understanding

The most effective way to do this is to demonstrate your expertise and understanding of their:

  • Needs: problems they have that they don’t want
  • Desires: things they want that they don’t have

This free content will get them concrete results that improve their business and their lives before they spend a penny on your services or products.

If this valuable free content is offered in exchange for an email address, you will easily grow your email list and, considering the value that got them on your list, convincing them to upgrade to paid services or products becomes a lot easier.

Let’s begin working on the results and benefits of your offering by concentrating on the Problems, Desires and Hot Buttons of your Target Market.

Download this free workbook (no opt-in required) to begin defining the wording that will help you get people to sign-up to your email list.

You don’t have to use the workbook, you just as easily divvy up a piece of A4 paper into four sections and write Problems, Results and Hot Buttons and Target Market and the top of each section.


Let’s start by writing down the problems that your potential clients and existing clients have that they don’t want.

What are the things that are stressing them out? What will happen if they don’t get these problems sorted? What are the challenges that they face on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?

Compile a comprehensive list of their problems that affect their finances, emotions, and their physical and spiritual health.

Highlight (e.g. with an asterix) all the problems that you can solve.


Take the list of problems that you listed and begin to list the results that you provide.

If needs be, you can list the results that you have got for previous or existing coaching clients.

If you don’t have an example of previous results, then concentrate on explaining the results that someone would get if they worked with you.

Do not concentrate on the “technical details” of your offering, describe the deeper benefits that they will experience.

What is the transformation they will go through? What will the future version of their business (and their life) look like?

What do they want to achieve? What is their “OMG” dream outcome of working with you?

What is life like for them now – without your help? What will their life be like after they have received your help?

Hot Buttons

“A problem, need, urgent desire or source of pain that stirs enough emotion in the prospect to motivate the prospect to want to take immediate action to solve the issue.” – Sean McPheat

People in need of business coaching services and products have problems and desires that compel them to go in search of a solution.

It is critical that you see your business through their eyes and try and understand how you can align their needs and desires with your services and products.

Many of your potential clients have urgent problems and desires that need to be attended to immediately.

These are their hot buttons.

Write a list of these urgent problems and desires?

Then, write about the unhelpful and ineffective solutions you hear or read hear about related to these problems and desires?

What are the things that are offered in your market that you flat out know do not work? What do your potential coaching clients think or feel about the solutions on offer in your industry? What are their objections and fears related to these solutions?

What are the usual challenges that people encounter when they try to solve these hot button issues? Desperation can sometimes lead us to make incorrect choices.

What are the types of challenges that your existing, previous and potential clients encounter when trying to solve their hot button issues?

List out the pain points and problems that your audience will have if they try to solve this problem themselves.

Target Market

Identify a specific target market that you are passionate about serving.

It is very tempting to market to anyone and everyone who you think needs your services. The normal assumption is that the more general you are about who you work with, the more coaching clients you will eventually attract.

But the opposite is true.

Here are the three main reasons why you should choose a target market:

  1. You’ll Know Exactly Where to Find Them
  2. You’ll Identify Their Communication Networks
  3. They’ll Know That You Are Committed to Serving Them

This last reason is super important: remember marketing is a responsibility for getting your business in front of those people you are meant to work with – the people who are already looking for your services.

What is the profile of these people? How would you define their demographics? What is their age range?

Are they mostly women or men…or both? What about their income level? Can they afford your services? Where do they live? What about their level of education…does it even matter? Do they own a home? Are they married, single…divorced?

Ok, that brings us to the end of the first section.

Remember, you can always download our free workbook (no opt-in required) to begin detailing the Problems, Results and Hot Buttons of the Target Market that will sign-up to your business coaching email list.


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Making a Deeper Connection with Your Potential Coaching Clients [Part 1 of 7] FunnelPress Marketing


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