How to Create Valuable Lead Magnets For Your Potential Coaching Clients [Part 2 of 7]

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Demonstrate your value and expertise to your potential coaching clients

We have a solid idea of the ideal coaching client that we want to work with.

We understand their urgent problems and desires and we can explain the deep-rooted benefits of our services and products.

We want to attract these people to us and then convince them to take the first step on their buyer’s journey to becoming one of our cherished coaching clients.

The homepage of your website of might be enough to convince them but it will be better for both you and them if you can keep in contact after they leave your website.

You are going to need their email address and they need immediate help.

Not a sales pitch or a free consultation call.

Not only is spending time on a call with you a big commitment.

They have no proof that you are different from the other business coaches that have failed or let them down.

So, let’s prove your value and expertise by packaging a little of it into a Lead Magnet or HVG (High Value Gift).

This lead magnet we be offered in exchange for their email address and their permission to continue marketing to them.

Download and use this free workbook (no opt-in required) to outline the 5 most valuable lead magnets that you can think of.

Bear in mind that we will utilise your existing content to create these “high value gifts”. I know you have tons of content. Let’s put that content to good use in the best way possible!

Types of Lead Magnet

The types of Lead Magnet we will be creating are a video guide or mini video course, a cheat sheet, a checklist, a resource list and a worksheet.

The Video Guide or Mini Video Course

We will create a 15-minute video answering some of the most common questions people have about your services or the problems and desires they have.

Think about when you have a consultation call, there are questions that always seem to come up – call them Frequently Asked Questions. Make a FAQ video.

You could also go through a series of questions that you always seem to cover when you begin working with a new coaching client.

You could also record a series of videos covering a list of things that your coaching client needs to know or understand to get the best out of working with you.

And, don’t worry about hiring a TV crew to shoot your video.

Setting your smartphone on a tripod or using your computer’s webcam will be just fine.

Cheat sheet

“…a “cheat sheet” is any short (one or two page) reference to terms, commands, or symbols where the user is expected to understand the use of such terms but not necessarily to have memorized all of them…” – Wikipedia

You can use cheat sheets to provide your existing and potential coaching clients with tips and advice.

For example check out this cheat sheet from Small Business For Dummies.

Here is another example; a financial planning cheat sheet.

You could easily put together a cheat sheet listing information about the first stages a coaching client goes through when working with you. The cheat sheet could contain explanations of terms you use and important things that they need to remember.


Checklists make great lead magnets. Imagine that you have taught someone a new business growth strategy that has numerous steps.

You could create a checklist that helps your client ensure that they have covered all the steps required to execute the strategy.

The list can be made into a PDF that can be printed out of filled in on a computer.

Resource list

Compile a list of important business blogs, business books, productivity tools or TED Talks…

Make a list of 20 resources and include a short paragraph explaining why it is an important resource. It is perfectly okay (and recommended) that you include any of your own resources in the list.

You can make a list per format, for example, Top 20 Business Blogs or you could do a comprehensive mixed format list and call it “Top 20 Business Resources for Improving Team Management”.

For an extra valuable lead magnet, create a video that goes through the list, visiting the resources on the internet.

This will create a very engaging and educational lead magnet.


Workbooks are a great way to add value and provide engaging content. Workbooks can be used as content upgrades like in this post.

There are 7 workbooks available to download that are designed to help you take action because…

“…information without implementation is worthless…” – Kase Dean

Workbooks can also be used to accompany an email course or you can use them to make an webinar more interactive.

And, as a business coach, you can use workbooks with your potential coaching clients as a way to educate them and get them to prepare the information that you need to work with them e.g. a business vision workbook or ideal client workbook.

Workbooks make perfect lead magnets as long as they solve a problem. Done correctly, they are a great way to provide tremendous value and help your existing and potential coaching clients achieve real clarity.

Lead Magnets Are The First Step on Your Value Ladder

Download and use this workbook (no opt-in required) to outline the 5 most valuable lead magnets that you can think of and offer something truly valuable in exchange for your website visitors’ email addresses.


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How to Create Valuable Lead Magnets For Your Potential Coaching Clients [Part 2 of 7] FunnelPress Marketing


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