How to Use Social Media to Find More Potential Clients

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Here at FunnelPress, we are not interested in just producing any kind of content.  We are solely and wholly interested in creating content that helps you build a profitable business.

Today we are going to talk about getting new clients using social media.

If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends

– Jeff Bezos

Key takeaways

  • Having multiple social media accounts does not guarantee more new clients
  • Social media traffic is a lot different to website traffic
  • How to develop a solid social media strategy

Having Multiple Social Media Accounts Does Not Guarantee More New Clients

The beginnings of Social Media

The thing we call social media actually began in 1997.

The first social media site that everyone can agree actually was social media was a website called Six Degrees. It was named after the ‘six degrees of separation’ theory and lasted from 1997 to 2001. Six Degrees allowed users to create a profile and then friend other users.

– The History of Social Media

Social media, as most of us know, it began in 2004 and 2006 with Facebook and Twitter, respectively.  These two were closely followed by “the rest of the pack”; Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Snapchat etc..

When social media became mainstream, loads of businesses jumped on the bandwagon and started setting up accounts all over the place.  It was like a “gold rush“.

All these businesses believed that “social media is a great way to find customers”  and they acted like they were guaranteed to go viral and attract hordes of new customers, just because they had a Facebook page.

Businesses Become Obsessed With Likes

Many businesses became obsessed with ‘likes” even though they had spent no time at all working out a strategy for transforming Facebook Likes to into actually revenue.

These businesses learned the (long and) hard way that social media didn’t change WHY people buy.

Social media definitely helps us find more potential clients and increase awareness about our businesses. It’s also a great place to post news updates and content that allows potential clients to experience the value that we have to offer.

Followers and Potential Clients

But it ain’t all good…

Mobile browsing has lead to even shorter attention spans.  You also have to be aware of tactics like scheduling times, posting ratios and curated content. All these details can make social media marketing a very frustrating and overwhelming activity for the vast majority of business owners.

Ultimately, the aim of the game is to find and connect with potential clients, partners and influencers and then direct them to your website.

Once they are on your website you can guide them into a marketing and sales funnel and convert them into clients.

Importantly, companies are using social media to do things that go way beyond just chatting up existing customers on Facebook. Sales departments use social to nurture leads and close sales. HR posts job openings and vets applicants. Community and support squads mine networks, blogs, and forums with deep listening tools.

– Ryan Holmes, Internet entrepreneur


3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Businesses Make

Mistake #1: Forgetting the “social” part of social media marketing

It is important to think of social media platforms and followers in the same way we think of email lists and customers.   Just because someone is on your email list does not mean that they’re ready to become a client or a buyer.

Rather than trying to find customers, find a group of people willing to enter in discussion about what you have to say. Match the right platform to your audience and make sure you’re going after the right people.

For example, LinkedIn is a great method to reach professionals seeking new career and business opportunities.

Like everything else in marketing, the first step is finding the right audience. Building authority with cyclists is completely useless to you if you’re looking to engage people in the automobile industry

– Vincent H. Clarke, Author

Mistake #2: Posting the wrong types of content

Once you’ve found your audience and your platform, you need to make sure you’re posting the right content. This just means understanding what your audience wants help with or wants to see and provide them with that content.

For example, if your customers are seeking help with their overall happiness and fitness, then are they going to be more interested in wellness coaching can help them lead better lives.

Make sure that you’ve created a content strategy that has 3 – 5 topics that your audience really wants to learn about. We know from experience that keeping things simple and posting the same great, useful article is way more effective than just posting for the sake of it.

Mistake #3: Failing to build trust

Just be nice, take genuine interest in the people you meet, and keep in touch with people you like. This will create a group of people who are invested in helping you because they know you and appreciate you

– Guy Kawasaki

So once you’ve started to generate traffic to your website, what happens if no one is buying? The short answer is probably that they don’t trust you (yet).

For example, here at FunnelPress we LOVE Foxley Market.  If they recommend a new product that interests us, we’d buy it based on trust alone. It doesn’t really need to be sold to us.

Trust can’t be bought or shortcut. It’s earned through consistency, communication and time. Understand what people really want and over-deliver on their expectations. If you’re finding that you can drive traffic to your site from social, you need to ensure that visitors trust you enough to buy.

The first step towards trust is capturing their email address and building relationships using email marketing.

3 Ways to Convert Social Media Followers Into Clients

#1: Use a Private Group

No one expects this as an answer, but we recommend setting up a private Facebook group for your existing and potential clients.  Use it as a place where they can ask questions and share content.

Keep it private and work on the community there.  Traffic from closed groups that know you is super valuable and you’re not having to find new audiences every time you’ve got content.

You could use the group for support, customer services or accountability. Or all three.

Post useful content that your clients want (and need) to consume and use the group as a way to find out what your audience needs…

…and then provide it to them.  Yep, simple when you know how.

#2: Vary your posts

You need to add variety to the topics and frequency of your social media posts.  For example, for our clients that have Twitter accounts, we recommend a 2:2:2 posting ratio.

This just means that they don’t just post their own content each day of the week.

We help them find other useful content and even older posts and make sure they all get an equal share.  This is way more powerful for attracting traffic and potential clients.

Try the below ratio for your business.

  • 2 curated posts – these are posts and content from other sources that suit your audience.
  • 2 older posts – older content that you have created
  • 2 current posts – new content that you have created

When should you post?

Well that’s up to you really. Our posting ratio is a guideline that means if you’re posting 6 posts a day, 2 should be older content, 2 should be curated and so on.

If you’re only posting once a day, then it roughly works our to 2 new posts over 2 days and 2 curated posts the next two days etc.

#3: Follow these golden rules for social media posts

These are the golden rules for social media posts. They’ll help drive traffic and lower your workload.

  1. ALWAYS post with a link
  2. Mix up your titles
  3. Measure your clicks – use UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) links
  4. Don’t go overdo the #hashtags
  5. Schedule your posts


In summary, we really love the 2:2:2 posting ratio. We have a strategy where every post is first sent to a customer private group, but then posted out on our other channels too.

Some businesses might not like the idea of a private group, saying it’s too much work. But if you’re not willing to own the support and customer service side of your business then you don’t really deserve more clients and revenue.


If you’re serious about out driving more traffic to your website from social and attracting more clients, then download our Digital Marketing For Coaches Ebook.


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